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The trouble with recording and presenting ‘time’ at RedSeed….

Here at RedSeed we try and provide you with as much useful data as we can. Some of this data is reflected as hours, minutes and seconds but of course representing and measuring ‘time’ is difficult.

We asked Morne, one of Developers here at RedSeed, to explain how we measure time:

RedSeed tracks time spent on RedSeed by a specific user by recording the time taken between viewing pages.

So if John moves from one section of the 'Sell 'em Something' course to another it would look something like this:

  • John starts section 1 of 'Sell 'em Something' at 07:42:16. John reads the content of the page, watches the video, answers a couple of long answer questions, and clicks the next arrow.
  • Section 2 of 'Sell 'em Something' starts at 07:45:34

We record the time spent by John in 'Sell 'em Something' as 3min 18 seconds.

However, if John starts section 2 at 07:45:34 and then goes off to make a coffee and chats to Susan in accounting for 15 minutes and only then comes back and proceeds to Section 3 at 08:05:23. We still record the difference between the two times as we don't know if John perhaps wanted to watch the video multiple times to make sure he understands it, or he took more time answering the long answer questions.

Basically we can't tell when John was actively viewing content and completing tasks within the RedSeed system and when he was chatting to a colleague and sipping on a coffee.

The total time we provide you with are approximate times, not accurate times.

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