Workbook marking


As a coach, you'll receive an email when a trainee completes a session of their training.

You'll be able to see workbooks that require marking via a workbook symbol next to the ‘Marking & Coaching’ section or a similar symbol next to individual users names under the ‘Users’ section on your Dashboard.  
When you arrive at the marking view you'll find:

The question you are required to mark
- A model answer
- The team member’s answer, or answers if they have had more than one attempt
- A question feedback box

At this point, review the answer, offer feedback if necessary, then click the ’mark as correct’ or ‘mark as incorrect’ buttons.

It's best to offer constructive feedback to right and wrong answers. Don’t just give them the correct answer - this won’t help them learn. You can ask them to revisit videos and give more information about how they might apply it to your business and customers.

Remember - if you mark an answer as incorrect, the trainee will have to have another attempt at those answers, and you'll have to re-mark them before they are able to move on.

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