Issuing a certificate


Once a trainee completes a course a certificate can be issued if the course has a certificate allocated to it. To download a user’s certificate firstly find the user by either using the search feature on the ‘Dashboard’ page in the top right hand corner of the page or by navigating to their store via the locations panel and clicking on the user’s name.

If the course has been completed (in the COMPLETED COURSES panel) and more importantly the user has PASSED the course then you can download the certificate by clicking on the PDF document icon under the ‘Certificate’ column.


The certificate will begin to download and you will be prompted to cancel, save target as, or open the PDF document, as per any other document you download. If you have a browser plugin installed which handles viewing PDF documents you may need to initiate a ‘save target as’ to save the file to your computer and then open and print with a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader.

NOTE: This certificate issuing feature can be assigned to users with administration permissions and managers. So depending on your current permissions you may or may not be able to see and access this feature.

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