How do I generate bulk certificates?


Do you need to provide a bunch of your trainees with certificates for completing their courses?

Well rather than generating them all one by one we have created a report which will generate all the ones you require into one PDF.

Firstly to do this you will need to login, then select the ‘Reports’ section. Under the ‘Admin’ section you will need to select ‘Certificates’.

From this page you will need to select the applicable Locations, the Courses, the User’s Roles and the Completion date range of the selected Courses. Once you have made the appropriate selections press ‘Submit’ and watch the magic unfold.

Based on your search criteria a list of users will be presented to you. From this list you can select as many users as you’d like and select ‘Generate Bulk PDFs’. This will put each certificate for each user selected into one PDF document.

NOTE: You can download individual certificates by clicking the icon under the Download column from the resulting table.

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