How do I change a Trainees Coach in RedSeed?

It may be the case that you need to reassign a Trainees Coach from time to time. This is a simple process and is done via the same place the the Coach was originally chosen, the Edit Enrolments page. 

NOTE: You can only change the Coach to someone that is listed in the drop-down. If the person you want to select is not showing then this is probably because they located somewhere else in RedSeed. Please contact RedSeed Support if you require assistance. 

1 - From the Trainees's user details screen (on the dashboard) click the EDIT ENROLMENTS button in the top right hand corner .

2 - From the EDIT ENROLMENTS page you can select a different Coach for a course that a Trainee is enrolled in. Use the drop-down box to change the Coach.

NOTE: If you cant see the course you want to change the Coach for then it may be in a Pathway, select the 'Show pathway courses' button to show the courses in a Pathway and then change the Coach via the drop-down box.
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