Managing your team in

RedSeed.Build supports inviting your instructional design team members.

To invite team members, click your team name at the top right of the screen and select "Team Settings."

In the "Add Team Member" section, enter your team member's email address and select "Administrator" or "Editor." Currently, the only difference between these roles is that administrators can invite more people to the team.

Click "Add."

If your team member wants to log in with their RedSeed LMS account instead of registering a new account with it's own username and password, ask your account manager to give their RedSeed LMS user the required permissions.

Your team member will receive an email with instructions to join your team, at which point you'll be able to see and edit the same courses.

You'll see the invitation in the "Pending Team Invitations" section, until they accept it. You can also cancel the invitation, if you like.

Cancelling the invitation will not stop the invitation being emailed to the user, but the link in the email won't work any more.
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