The trainee dashboard - 'my training'

This is your trainee dashboard. It's the launchpad to your training courses and an overview of your current, optional and completed courses. To dive into a course just click the 'go' button next to the course name and "wahla" training on tap.

Each course you are enrolled in is displayed with a progress bar that indicates your progress - if it's:

  • LIGHT GREY — You haven't started the course.
  • DARK GREY — You're inactive, you haven't made any progress on the course in over a week.
  • RED (or your Company's colour) — You're active or you've completed and passed the course.

A workbook PDF is available for courses which have long answer questions - they collect all your answers and your coach's comments in one place. You'll also see a feedback speech bubble which is red if there's new feedback to read from your coach, or grey if there's no new feedback. The date the course was completed on is also displayed here.

The status 'Inactive' means you haven't done any training in a predetermined period of days - so c'mon get a move on!

If the status is 'Awaiting marking', then relax (but not too much), you need to wait for your coach to mark your answers, and complete any practice activities with you before you can continue. You can still access the course but you won't be able to change any existing answers you’ve given but the content is still available for you to view.

Any recent feedback that your coach or manager has provided is shown in the UNREAD COMMENTS panel.

Once you've completed a course, your result will also be displayed on your trainee dashboard.

You can access your account details by selecting your name from the top right-hand corner of this page and if you require any help with the RedSeed website you can select the question mark symbol next to your name.

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