RedSeed Coaching

RedSeed.Build allows you to add two different kinds of "Coached" activities to your courses: Practice and Discuss.

Once a team member reaches one of these activities, the RedSeed Coaching Platform will notify the coach that's assigned to that trainee that they're ready to catch up.

Coached activities only work on the RedSeed platform

To take advantage of coached activities, your course will have to be uploaded to the RedSeed platform. Other learning management systems aren't integrated with the necessary systems that are required to manage the notifications and responses needed for coaching activities.

A standalone coaching platform is on our roadmap, which will allow coached activities to be work on any LMS.

Anatomy of a coaching activity

Most parts of a coaching activity is editable by the builder
  • Activity title: The title will be visible on the coach's dashboard, so it should be descriptive enough to set it apart from other activities the trainee might be engaged in.
  • Activity content: This is the content visible to the trainee and should clearly describe what they'll be expected to demonstrate or discuss. An area for notes is also provided, which will be visible to the coach.
  • Confirmation message: For most use cases, the standard confirmation message should be fine. It is, however, editable in case you want to change it.
  • Submit button: The text on the button can be changed.
  • Coaching guide: This is only visible to the coach and should give clear instructions on how they coach should assess the trainee's readiness to continue.
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