Editing a user

So what if you want to change one of your team members details? Maybe they’ve just got married or changed their name? Well, it’s easy!

Firstly find the user by either using the search feature on the ‘Dashboard’ page in the top right-hand corner of the page or by navigating to their store via the locations panel and clicking the trainee’s name. This will take you to the team members overview screen. Once there click ‘ Edit User’.

Here you can change the team member’s name, email, employee code, location and user type. When you’ve finished making changes, click ‘ Save changes’.

If you need to manage or edit course enrollments for this user then please refer to this support article - Manage course enrollments

NOTE: You will only be allowed to change the user's location to regions and stores that you currently administer - if you need to move them to a location outside of your scope within RedSeed you may need to talk to your manager or administrator who will have additional permissions to do this. Or if you get stuck you can always email support@redseed.me and we'll get things sorted.

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