Resetting a trainee’s password

To reset a trainees password they'll need to be within your scope in the Company. Essentially this means they're within a store, region or department that you can view within your RedSeed dashboard.

Do a quick search for the user, or click on their name, to display their USER DASHBOARD. Then click the 'EDIT USER' button.


Once you're on the EDIT USER page you have two options:

Option 1. Setting the password yourself

To set a user's password yourself, type a strong password into the password box, repeat the same password in the box labelled retype the password.

NOTE: The password will need to contain at least 1 UPPERCASE letter, 1 lowercase letter and a number from 0-9.


Click the ‘SAVE CHANGES’ button to update the user's password. If the user has a valid email address RedSeed will email the username and the new password to the user.

Option 2. Generating a random password

If the user has an email address assigned to their account then you can get RedSeed to generate a new random password and email it directly to the user by ticking the box labelled 'Generate random password and email to (email address)' and clicking the 'SAVE CHANGES' button.


You can track the password reset email to see if it's been delivered from within the Emails tab of the User Log Panel from the USER DASHBOARD.

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