Adding a new user

If you have a new team member join your team, you’ll need to set them up with a RedSeed login. Adding new users is occasionally a task that may be assigned to your RedSeed administrator, if this is the case you’ll have to contact that person to complete this task.

But if you have the correct administration rights to add new users then here’s how!

Click the ‘add new user’ button on your Dashboard and the user setup wizard will appear.

The following are the steps and requirements for each user loaded.

Step 1: User Details

First name(s): Compulsory - The user’s first name(s).

Last name(s): Compulsory - The user’s last name(s).

Email: Compulsory - The user’s email address. This is used for sending login information to the user as well as password resets, notifications and alerts.

Username: Compulsory - This must be unique within the entire RedSeed system. Note: Our system will let you know if the username is already in use.

Employee ID/code: Available only if defined for your company and if it's enabled it's probably compulsory. This is a unique ID code for each employee in your organisation (may also be called ‘Payroll ID’, ‘Employee Number’ or similar).

PasswordThis can be created by yourself or will be randomly generated by our system if you decide to leave it empty. The randomly generated password will be emailed to the email address entered above. 

Note: Only users with a registered email address can generate a random password as will be emailed to the email address listed.

Location: The location of the user within the company level structure (a drop-down list of available regions, stores and departments etc is provided).

Role: A list of available roles within the business (optional and only available if roles are set up for your company).

User type: There are 3 user types within RedSeed which are detailed below.

  1. Trainee: Trainees, as their name implies, can only complete training courses.
  2. Coach / Manager: Coaches or managers complete training courses, just like trainees. They can also mark and coach other trainees through their training. They get access to the ‘coach and admin’ dashboard where they can view the progress of all their trainees they have permission to view, and manager level reports.
  3. Administrator: Administrators can also complete training, do and see everything a coach/manager would, but they have access to additional reports and few extra bells and whistles.

Once you have completed all the required user details, click on ‘Go to Enrolments’ to proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Course Enrollments

Course or Pathway selection:

Tick the appropriate courses to enrol the particular user in and select the appropriate coach/manager for each course.

Click on ‘Save’ to complete the user creation and you’re done!



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