Manage course enrollments

To manage course enrollments for a user click the ‘EDIT ENROLLMENTS’ button in the users' overview screen. For information on how to access the ‘user overview’ screen then click here.


This will take you to the ‘Manage enrollments’ screen where you will be able to view courses available to the trainee courses the trainee is currently enrolled in, and courses that have been completed and can be resit / redone.


You can then enrol users as required by toggling the course to ‘On’ from ‘Off’. If required you can also un-enrol users from current courses by switching this back to ‘Off’.

Courses that have been completed and can be resit / redone will be indicated with a tick next to the course name. If the course can be re-attempted after being completed then click ‘RE-SIT COURSE’ and the trainee will be re-enrolled in the course.


If your company has a learning pathway active, you can enrol a trainee in that learning pathway and they will automatically follow a predetermined course pathway until completion. For more information on learning pathways, click here.


Once a trainee has completed the first course, they will automatically be enrolled in the next course in the pathway and so on. 

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