Resetting your password

Ok - you're not alone - it's our most common request. You've forgotten your password and need a new one.

Fortunately, if you know your email address or RedSeed username you're in luck and you can sort this yourself!

The easiest way is from the login page - just click the 'FORGOT PASSWORD' link. Enter your email address or username in the field displayed and click 'RESET'. Then dive in and check your email — there will be one from us with the info required!

NOTE: You must have a unique email address - that is an email address that's not being used by another user account within RedSeed.

If you're sharing an email address then you'll need to talk to your manager or administrator and they'll be able to manually enter a new password for you. Or if you get really stuck just email us at and we'll get you training quick smart.

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