Email Requirements

RedSeed administrators, managers, coaches and trainees require unique email addresses to get the most out of RedSeed. Below you will find information around the requirements for Email and also some tips and tricks for allowing Email Forwarding and Allowing RedSeed emails. 

Without a unique email address RedSeed users will not be able to receive:

  • Their initial RedSeed login details (username and password)
  • Password reset emails
  • Inactivity alerts
  • Course enrolment notifications
  • Marking notifications
  • Bulk emails.

Note: Bulk emails are only ever sent at your request, we do not email RedSeed users without your permission.

If you have your own internal email system, please ensure the following email addresses are added to your approved senders lists and allowed through any SPAM filters:


If your users are using personal email addresses to use RedSeed, please ensure that you add RedSeed email addresses to your approved senders. 


Email Forwarding

You will need to provide RedSeed with an email address to auto-forward replies to.

We are not able to send emails to RedSeed users from a non email address.

Emails sent from RedSeed to your managers or trainees will originate from or

Replies that we receive to are auto-forwarded to a nominated email address inside your company to achieve the following mail flow:

  1. RedSeed mails a user:
    Subject: New Course Enrolment
  2. User replies with question/out of office/auto-reply message:
    Subject: New Course Enrolment
  3. RedSeed autoforwards the user reply to company contact (on behalf of the user):
    Subject: New Course Enrolment 


Having trouble getting our emails?

We send out emails to our users for a number of different reasons. You might have lost your password and need a new one sent to you, or your manager might have enrolled you in a new course, so it’s important that you can receive emails from us.

Occasionally email providers like Hotmail and Gmail, will flag emails from us as Spam or Junk, or you may have accidentally flagged it yourself, so it’s worth taking the time to adjust your mail server settings so we can contact you!

What can you do?

The instructions for changing these settings vary for each provider. Generally, instructions are found within the ‘Settings’ menu of your email account.  Most of the time email providers will refer to this as ‘Adding Senders to Safe List’, or ‘White-Listing a Sender’ or ‘Approved Senders’.

We’ll only ever send you emails from :


These are the two that you should be adding to your safe sender list.

For or users click the following links to go directly to their support page, which will give you information on how to you can add us as a Safe Sender. Gmail or Yahoo

Still having trouble?

If you’ve tried everything you’re still not receiving emails from RedSeed, contact your internal administrator for further guidance or email


Allowing RedSeed emails for Hotmail, live and outlook addresses

Occasionally, or will flag emails from us as spam or junk. This is a real pain but it's pretty easy to fix. Here's how...


Launch your web browser and log in to your, or account and click the 'settings' cog as shown below.


Select 'options' from the menu.


From the 'options' screen click on 'safe and blocked senders'



Click on 'safe senders' to manage who is allowed to send you email.


In the 'sender or domain to mark as safe' field type '' and click 'add to list'


Repeat the above step but this time type '' (example: '') and click 'add to list'


Check that both the domains typed in step 5 and 6 are listed in the 'safe senders and domains' on the right side of the screen.


Return to your inbox and your 'Welcome to RedSeed' email should be displayed in a few seconds.


Reset your RedSeed password which will initiate an email with your login details to be sent to you. You can do this here:


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