How to complete a RedSeed course

Next and previous buttons

These navigate through the content in a linear fashion. They're the curved arrow buttons on each side of the video screen in the image above. Just a quick note: The next arrow won't be clickable until the current video has finished playing.

Course menu

The ‘Course menu’ is located in the top left corner. You can only click on sections of the training you've already viewed so you can't skip ahead but you can go back and look at anything you've already seen.


Videos explain the theory and demonstrate the techniques that will need to utilise based on the training you are completing - you can pause, play and rewind the videos at any time. But you can't skip past a video until you've finished watching it. If you find the quality of the video is not up to scratch or they're constantly buffering then try changing your video settings preferences on the video player itself. Watch and listen carefully because you'll need some of the information in the videos to answer the questions in the following sections.

Workbook questions

You must put an answer in every box for each question and most of the questions will require more than a one-word answer, so have a think about how you might apply your new knowledge to your role/business and give your coach something decent and thought-provoking to read! When you click next, or previous, your current answers are saved and stored.


The final part of most sessions is a short multi-choice quiz - this is just to see if you've been paying attention! Read each question, select the answer that you think is correct and then click ‘review answers’. This will show you which questions you got right - giving you an indication of how well you absorbed the information in this session.


It’s really really really important that you can put your new knowledge into practice. So important that we ask you to practice each technique with your coach before trying them with your customers. Your coach will practice with you and then observe you with your customers. They'll give you feedback on your progress and when they're sure you're using the techniques successfully they'll mark the sessions practice activities as complete.

Submit button

This button only appears on the last screen of each session when you're about to submit your session to your coach for marking. If you're happy, and you know it, click submit - then it's up to your coach to mark your workbook answers and, if required, complete any practical requirements.

Workbook marking

This is all up to your coach and they'll be marking your answers against a set of model answers. If you get some wrong you will be required to re-do them and re-submit them again for marking. These questions requiring another attempt will be highlighted for you the next time you log in. The entire sessions workbook and practical requirements must be completed before the next session is unlocked for you to continue.


The final session in every course is a randomised multi-choice exam which will thoroughly test your knowledge obtained over the duration of course. We will let you know how long you have and what the pass mark is before you start. You might need to have more than one attempt at the exam and that’s OK. Just log in again and have another go. You will get a different set of questions each time you attempt the exam.

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