How do I search for a course?

If you are trying to find a particular course you can use the SEARCH COURSES option or select to view courses by course category.

The courses panel has a tabbed view and the default view is your current course enrolments. You can also see any upcoming, completed or optional courses by clicking the appropriate tab!

Each course you are enrolled in is displayed with a progress bar that indicates your percentage complete.

Each of these enrolments will also have a status and be either:

  • NOT STARTED — You haven't started this course yet - time to click the START COURSE button!
  • ACTIVE — You're currently working through the course.
  • INACTIVE — You haven't done any training in this course for a certain number of days, usually around 7 days - so c'mon get a move on and click that CONTINUE COURSE button!
  • COMPLETE — You guessed it, you've finished the course!

The course card also shows information like when you were enrolled and who your coach is (if the course has coaching) and there is additional info available if you click the info icon at the top right of each course card.

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