How do I mark a Trainees Workbook questions?

As a coach or manager, you'll receive an email when a trainee completes a session of their training that requires marking. When you next access RedSeed you'll be shown the marking to-do list and from there you can start marking!

When you arrive at the workbook marking screen you'll find the screen split into 3 areas:

  • The workbook question you are required to mark.
  • The team member's answer, feedback, marking buttons and previous answers and feedback.
  • The model answer.
Read the question that the trainee was asked.

Review their answer.

If required check the model answer to ensure their answer matches up with the response(s) you should be looking for.

Then provide feedback in the space provided and click the  CORRECT or  INCORRECT button. It's important to offer feedback to both right and wrong answers - and be sure you make it constructive! Don’t just give them the correct answer - this won’t help them learn. 

NOTE: If you mark an answer as INCORRECT, the trainee will have to have another attempt at that answer, and you'll have to re-mark it before they are able to move on to the next session. If this is the case and you're marking additional attempts you'll be able to see any previous answers and feedback below the marking buttons.

Once you've marked the question you'll be automatically taken to the next unanswered question. 
When all the workbook questions have been marked, either correct or incorrect, you'll be taken to the marking summary screen.

We recommend that you mark the answers in sequence but if you need to jump back to a previously marked question to make a change you can use the marking dropdown button to navigate through the questions.

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