How do I use the Courses panel on my Dashboard?

The COURSES panel details all of the current courses your company offers to your trainees. The various colours represent the numbers of trainees who have completed their training, are currently actively training, are inactive, or haven’t yet started their training. The total number of enrolments for each course is displayed on the far right.

If colours aren’t your thing though you can roll your mouse over the course progress bar and it will give you the exact statistics for these four training statuses.


By default, we show the statistics for all the active courses your organisation currently offers its trainees but you can click the FILTERS button at the top right of the dashboard to select or deselect which courses you'd like to appear on your dashboard. Filtering courses in this way changes the displayed information in other panels within the dashboard — so it’s a great way to focus on a particular course, group of courses, or to hide a course from view.


You are able to sort this section by name and the number of trainees enrolled in the course by clicking on the column headings.

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