How do I export an xAPI course from RISE?

The following steps will take you through how to export your course from Articulate Rise ready for uploading into the RedSeed LMS.

Exporting Your Course 

Open the course from your Articulate Rise 360 dashboard and click EXPORT in the upper right corner of the screen. The following export settings will appear.

From the EXPORT TYPE drop-down select LMS.
From the LMS drop-down select xAPI (TIN CAN) or SCORM 1.2.

QUICK TIP: We recommend xAPI over SCORM 1.2 as this provides greater tracking and reporting functionality.

Leave the IDENTIFIER text string unchanged - Don't touch it!
From the TRACKING options select the way a course completion for the trainee will be registered on the RedSeed LMS.  
Set the EXIT COURSE LINK switch to ON.
Click EXPORT in the upper right-hand corner to generate the course zip package. (If there are any errors in your course, such as a blank lesson, Rise 360 will ask you if you want to edit the course or continue with the export.)
The zip package will now download to your computer - depending on your web browser and platform you may be prompted to choose a location on your computer to save this file or it may just download to your downloads folder. 
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