Why am I getting an error message when trying to start a course?

When trying to access RedSeed courses you may experience some issues from time to time. This normal and various messages can mean a few different things. Below is a list of steps you can take to rectify the issue, if the issue persists then contact our Support team. 

  1. Use Google Chrome or Firefox - If you are using Internet Explorer then you could encounter issues on the RedSeed platform. We recommend you try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead. You can download Google Chrome here or Firefox from here.
  2. Logout other RedSeed users - Its important to make sure that no one else is logged into RedSeed at the same time as yourself. Having multiple people logged in at the same time can cause issues.
  3. Clear Cookies - Sometimes simply clearing your Cookies can resolve issues you may be experiencing. You can read how to clear your Cookies in Google Chrome here, In Firefox here and in Internet Explorer here.
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