How do I Bulk Enroll users in a course?

RedSeeds BULK ENROLL feature allows for large numbers of users to be enrolled in courses — instead of just one user's enrolment at a time!

PLEASE NOTE: Not all courses have the Bulk Enroll feature enabled. To find out more please contact RedSeed Support.

The Bulk Enroll feature can be accessed from two locations, firstly via your Dashboard. Under the Courses panel next to the course name there will be a button (if available) saying BULK ENROLL. If you click on this it will take you to the COURSE AVAILABILITY REPORT. The second method to access the Bulk Enroll feature is under Reports, Admin and select Course Availability.
From the drop-down select which course you want to Bulk Enroll users in and then select the location(s) of the users. This can be specific locations or the entire business.
Use the tick boxes next to users' names to select them. It is important to check the Course Availability column to see if the user can be enrolled in the course. If not it will be displayed here.
Once all the appropriate users have been selected an ACTIONS button will appear above the report. Click this button and choose ENROLL IN SELECTED COURSE.

NOTE: This process CANNOT be reversed by yourself. If you need any assistance confirming what you are doing is correct or need to undo a Bulk Enroll then please contact RedSeed Support.

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