How do I complete a SkillsCheck?

SkillsChecks are made up of Activities so to complete a SkillsCheck, you simply have to complete all of the Activities. These Activities are marked by your Manager or Coach. These Activities are designed to get you to demonstrate your knowledge of the material covered in the course you completed. 

To go to the first Activity, select the ‘Start’ button on the Overview page of the SkillsCheck. You will then be presented with your first activity. You can choose to respond in a number of ways.

  1. Direct Message - Type your answer in the message field and click ‘Send message’. You will then be presented with a message saying that you have successfully sent your message to your Coach. You can choose to go to the next activity or remain in this activity and send more messages.
  2. Video or Image - If you would prefer to upload a video of you completing the requirements of the activity or upload an image/PDFs, then select the camera icon. You can then choose the file from your chosen device to upload to the SkillsCheck. 

NOTE: This may take a few minutes depending on the size of the file. You can send a mixture of text-based replies, videos and images. You are not limited to one option of replying. 

Once you have completed all the activities, you will be prompted with a message to either return to your Training Dashboard and await your Coaches reply or stay in the SkillsCheck to send more messages to your Coach.

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