My Coach has responded to my SkillsCheck, how do I see their feedback?

Your Coach has three options when marking your SkillsChecks, one, to simply respond and engage with you, two, to mark their responses as correct or three, to try again. Whichever way they choose, you'll be notified by email as well as when you login next time.

If your Coach has marked all your responses as correct then the course will be completed. To see their feedback, simply click on the REVIEW SKILLSCHECK button on the Training Dashboard for that particular course. 

If you have to try again, then click on the ‘Resume SkillsCheck’ button on the Training Dashboard for that particular course and resubmit your answers for those activities that are incorrect. 

All responses from Coaches are indicated next to the Activity name on the left hand side of the SkillsCheck page.

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