How to mark a SkillsCheck as a Coach

A RedSeed SkillsCheck is a collection of activities that should be completed by the SkillsCheck. As the SkillsCheck coach, it is your responsibility to assess the responses submitted to these activities by the other participant, the SkillsCheck trainee.

As the coach, you'll be notified when the trainee submits a response to on of the SkillsCheck activities. The response might be text, video, a collection of images or a document uploaded by the trainee.

To get to the SkillsCheck, browse to your Marking & Coaching page. Active SkillsChecks are listed in the "Trainee SkillsChecks" panel.

Clicking one of these SkillsChecks will take you to the SkillsCheck Overview page, which contains important information specific to assessing this SkillsCheck.

The Overview page, just like each activity, has information that is specific to either the coach or the trainee; the coach sees one set of instructions and the trainee, another.

Clicking the "Start SkillsCheck" button will take you to the first unread response from the SkillsCheck trainee. You can also access each of the activities on the left-hand side of the page.

Once you're on a SkillsCheck activity, you should see a message from the trainee, if they've submitted one. You should read the response carefully and decide if the trainee's response meets the requirements of the activity.

After reading the trainee's response to the activity, you can compose your own response, which includes your assessment:

  1. Enter your response to all required fields below the trainee's response.

  2. Attach any necessary files, including media.
  3. Select an assessment result for this activity:
    1. Mark activity as completed: The trainee has met the requirements for this activity. The activity will be marked as completed.
    2. Ask the trainee to try again: The trainee should submit another attempt to this activity. The trainee will be notified via email.
  4. Click "Submit feedback"

Most SkillsChecks are completed after all the activities are marked as completed by the coach. However, some SkillsChecks can be marked as complete by the coach from the SkillsCheck Overview page.

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