How to use the SkillsCheck Activities Responses Report?

The SKILLSCHECK ACTIVITIES RESPONSE REPORT allows you to report on the responses given to particular SkillsCheck activities at any location. 

To begin, select a LOCATION, choose the SKILLSCHECK and then the ACTIVITY you would like to report on, and select APPLY

The results will then be displayed. The results include:

  •     The name of the Trainee enrolled in the SkillsCheck.
  •     The SkillsCheck name.
  •     The SkillsCheck activity.
  •     The name of the individual who responded.
  •     The role of the individual who submitted the response.
  •     The location of the individual who submitted the response.
  •     The response date.
  •     The result (if any).
  •     The responses.

NOTE: This report also includes any responses coaches have made to the Trainee's response for an activity.

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