How do I edit a Learning Pathway?

Below we will cover how to edit a Learning Pathway.


Select the 'Pathways' option from the main menu at the top of the page.


Edit any of the following details: 

  • Name — The name of the Learning Pathway
  • Status
    • Locked — This means that it is only visible to people already enrolled in the Pathway. Anyone that isn't already enrolled in the Pathway can see it. It's a good status to use when creating your Pathway as it won't be visible to anyone so let's keep it 'Locked' for now and we will make it 'Active' when we are ready to enrol users. 
    • Active — The Learning Pathway will be visible to users at the Pathway's assigned locations. 
  • Assign to locations — Choose the locations you want the Learning Pathway to appear. 
  • Description — A brief description of what the Learning Pathway is about. 
  • Enrol users in this pathway by default — By default this setting is turned off. If turned on, new users will automatically be enrolled in this pathway when they're added to one of the locations selected above.


Add or remove any courses from the Courses list.

You can re-order courses in the Pathway by clicking on the move icon (the 6 small dots next to the course name) and dragging it to the required position. You can also delete a course from the Pathway by clicking the trash can icon, or add a delay before the enrolment by clicking the clock icon.


Once you have made your changes select the 'Save Changes' button.

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