To make your course more interesting and relatable, use images and video!


Click 'Image' in your section menu to add a single, centred image to your course. You can then make this image larger or smaller using the 'Section width' settings. 

Click 'Image+text' in your section menu to add an image beside, above or below your text. There are quite a few different combinations here, so refer to the small icons next to each option which show you the layout.

To replace the default image with the one you want, click the '...' button in the top corner of the image. This button will only be visible when your mouse is hovering over the image.


Click 'Multimedia' to add videos and files (PDFs) to your course.

Depending on the source of your video, you have a couple of different video options to choose from. As a quick hint, if your video is a file on your computer, use the top 'Video' section.

Once the section is added, you can add your video or file either using the '...' button that appears in the top right corner (same as images), or in the section settings.

Important: If you add a video to your course, please note that your learners must watch the entire video before they're able to move on in the course. There is no way to make the video optional.

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