What is RedSeed Energy?

What's this RedSeed Energy I hear you ask?

RedSeed Energy shows the level of ENGAGEMENT your users have in each course enrolment within RedSeed. The more people who are active or have completed their training, the better. Below is a brief description of the four enrolment statuses that make up your energy score:

  • COMPLETE: Trainees who have completed a course. [GOOD]
  • ACTIVE: Trainees who are actively training and progressing through a course. [GOOD]
  • INACTIVE: Trainees who have not continued or started training in the last x days. [BAD]
  • NOT STARTED: Trainees who haven't started training at all. [BAD]

How is the score worked out?

We sum the percentage of enrolments of the 2 GOOD statuses [COMPLETE percentage + ACTIVE percentage] and that's your ENERGY score!

Your energy score can range from 0% to 100%.

How do we collect the data?

We collect and store your Energy score daily for all courses and all locations. We then average these daily scores to calculate your monthly score.

What should you be aiming for?

The higher the score the better! Aim to get everyone active or complete in all their courses and your Energy score will go up!

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