How do I mark a Trainees Practical activities?

As a coach, you'll receive an email when a trainee completes a session of their training that requires coaching of practical activities to be completed. When you next access RedSeed you'll be shown the marking to-do list and from there you can start your coaching!

When you arrive at the practical activities coaching screen you'll find the screen split into 3 areas:

  • The practical activity you are required to practice or see demonstrated by the trainee.
  • The marking area including feedback, marking buttons, and any previous attempts and feedback.
  • The model behaviour.


To coach the practical activities with your trainee you'll need to role-play with them and/or watch them using the technique with your customers.

Read the practical activity you need to practice with your trainee or watch them displaying the technique with your customers.

If required check the model behaviour to ensure their demonstration aligns with the things you should be looking for.

Either practice with your trainee or observe them as required depending on the activity.
Then provide feedback in the area provided and click the  CORRECT (thumbs up) or  INCORRECT (thumbs down) button. Don’t mark these as activities as complete unless the trainee can demonstrate the skill to the required level. It won’t help them, or your business!

Some activities may also require you to supply a star rating from 1 to 5.

NOTE: If you mark an activity as incorrect, you'll have the option to either reattempt the same activity or continue on to the next unmarked activity.

When all the activities have been marked, either correct or incorrect, you'll be taken to the marking summary screen.

We recommend that you work through the practical activities in sequence but if you need to jump back to a previously marked question to make a change, or have another attempt, you can use the coaching dropdown button to navigate the activities.

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