How do I change/reset my RedSeed password?

METHOD 1 - "I don't know my RedSeed login details"

If you don't know your login details then please use the below method to be emailed your login details directly.

1.  Go to the RedSeed login page —

2.  Click the FORGOT PASSWORD? and enter your email address associated to your RedSeed account in the space provided and click the REQUEST button. We will then send you an email with details on how to login.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're sharing an email address (which we don't recommend) then you'll need to talk to your manager and they'll be able to manually enter a new password for you, and tell you what it is. Or if you get really stuck just email us at

METHOD 2 - "I know my RedSeed login details and want to update my password"

If you are currently logged into RedSeed and want to change your current RedSeed password then please use the below method.

You can edit your personal information including your profile photo, your name, email address and if required you can update your password.

1.  Click on your NAME or PHOTO at the top right of the screen.

2.  Once on your MY PROFILE page, you can change your password.

Once you've made the required changes just click the SAVE CHANGES button. 

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