How do I add a new user to RedSeed?

If you have a new team member join your team, you’ll need to set them up with a RedSeed account. This is simple and easy to do, to begin login to RedSeed and navigate to your 'Dashboard'. Accessing your Dashboard can be done via the menu at the top of the page. You are all ready to go, follow the steps below!

Click the ADD USER button on your location Dashboard and the ADD A NEW USER screen will appear.

FIRST NAME: Enter the user’s first name(s).
LAST NAME: Enter the user’s last name(s).
EMAIL ADDRESS: Enter the user’s email address. 
NOTE: This email address should be unique in your organisation. This is used for sending login information to the user as well as password resets, notifications and training or coaching alerts.
USERNAME: This will be automatically populated for you but if you decide to set this yourself it must be unique. We will tell you if the username is not unique.
LOCATION & LANGUAGE: The location of the user within the company's organisational structure and the language the user would prefer to use.  

NOTE: The default location will be the location selected when you clicked 'add new user' in step 1 above although you can select from locations you have permission to view.

USER TYPE: There are 3 user types within RedSeed which are:
Trainee: Trainees, as their name implies, can only complete courses in RedSeed.
Coach: Coaches or managers can complete courses, just like trainees. They can mark and coach other trainees through their training. They also get access to the location ‘dashboard’, where they can view the progress of all their trainees they have permission to view, and the reporting suite.
Administrator: Administrators can also complete training, do and see everything a coach/manager would, but they have access to additional reports and a few extra bells and whistles like the course and resource administration tools.
EMPLOYEE CODE: This is a unique ID code for each employee in your organisation (may also be called ‘Payroll ID’, ‘Employee Number’ or similar). This is not set up for every business in RedSeed. If you would like this option available please contact RedSeed Support.
USER ROLE: A list of available roles within the business (as with employee codes this is only available if roles are set up for your company). Please talk with your RedSeed Account Manager for more information.
Finally, click the SAVE USER AND CONTINUE TO ENROLMENTS button to save this user — then continue to assign courses to the user you've just created. To find out how to assign courses to a user click here.

Click the ADD USER button on your location Dashboard and the ADD A NEW USER screen will appear.

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