How do I archive or unarchive a RedSeed user?

Let’s say a team member has just left your store or business. You don’t want to keep seeing their details, do you?


NOTE: You can't see archived users from your DASHBOARD so you'll need to do a quick search (in the header menu bar) to find the user and click on their name and then you can edit their user account to unarchive them.

Firstly, find the user by either using the search feature on the DASHBOARD or by navigating to their location via the locations panel and click on the user’s name. This will take you to the team members' overview screen. Once there click the EDIT USER button.

To ARCHIVE (or remove) the user, click the ARCHIVE USER NAME button from the 'User Status' section.

You'll then see an informational warning and will have to click the CONFIRM button to archive the user


NOTE: If you are archiving a coach with current coaching assignments these will need to be reassigned before you can archive the coach.


In the User Status section click the UNARCHIVE USER NAME button.

After reading the informational message click the CONFIRM button.

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