Continue buttons

Continue buttons are incredibly important! They help with course navigation and structure and communicate what learners need to complete on a page. 

How continue buttons work

Continue buttons are locked navigation buttons. All content after the continue button is hidden from view until it unlocks and the learner clicks on it.

For a continue button to unlock, the learner needs to complete all the content above it. Here are some examples:

  • If there's only text above the continue bar, it will unlock automatically.
  • If there's a video anywhere above the continue bar, the learner must watch the whole video before it unlocks.
  • If there's an interactive section anywhere above the continue bar, the learner must finish the whole interaction before it unlocks.
  • If there's a check-in question above the continue bar, the learner must answer the question correctly before it unlocks.

Adding a continue button

We'd recommend adding a continue button every time the topic changes, at the end of every page, and after every interactive section.

This is important because videos and interactive sections cannot be made optional. The learner must complete them to move on. Adding a continue button makes this expectation clear.

To add a continue button, click 'Section divider' in your section menu and then 'Continue'. 

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