How do I edit a courses details?

The following steps will take you, as an administrator, through how to edit the details for an xAPI course on the RedSeed LMS.



From the main RedSeed menu select COURSES and the following COURSE LIST screen will appear.


Click the edit icon in the edit column for the course you want to edit.


If required you can drag a new version of your course into the drop area or click ‘browse’ to upload a new course file.

NOTE: Make sure there are no spaces in the filename and that the zip file is under 500mb in size. If you navigate away from this page your course will be saved as an ‘archived’ course and you can refer back to it from the course list in step 1 above.


ACTIVE VERSION: If you upload a new version of the course you will need to select the new version from this drop-down.


NAME: You can edit your course name. This will be what trainees see and what you'll see on the dashboard and within reports etc - so make it logical and easy to find!


STATUS: You can change the course status to ARCHIVED or ACTIVE as required. Archived courses cannot be viewed by a trainee but if they've already completed the course it will still show as a course completion on their training page. The third option you'll see here is LOCKED — this status is only used when you'd require users with a current enrolment to be able to finish the course, but not have any new enrolments created.


LOCATIONS: This section allows you to determine what locations within your business the course is available too. Simply tick and untick locations from your companies hierarchy as required.


DESCRIPTION: You can add a description to the course.


CATEGORIES: You can tag a course with a category or multiple categories. You may need to make, or add, the category first if it doesn't already exist - if so just click the [+] NEW CATEGORY button.   


COURSE THUMBNAIL: You can replace and update an image that you want to show for the course either by using the drag and drop or click the pencil icon to browse for your image.


And lastly, click SAVE CHANGES at the top right of the screen!

Other course options

Allow self enrol

Courses with this option switch on will appear in the Optional tab of trainees' Training Dashboards, where they can enrol themselves in this course.

Allow users to complete this course multiple times

If selected, users will be able to get re-enrolled in this course once completed. If the course allows self enrol, the course will reappear under the trainees' Optional tab on their Training Dashboard.

Allow bulk enrol for this course

If set to "Yes," the course will have a Bulk enrol button on the Location Dashboard, allowing administrators and coaches to enrol multiple trainees in the course at the same time.

Completion in this course expires after:

Training in courses with this option turned on will be marked as expired after a set period of time, calculated from the date of completion.You can find more details regarding this option here.

Inactivity period

After the selected number of days, training in this course will be marked as inactive if the trainee has not made any progress in the course.

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